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Egg breaking machine ,hard boiled egg peeling machine ,quail egg peeler, liquid egg processing line ,egg boiling and peeling processing line ,quail egg boiling and shelling processing line .

if you purchase production line from us, we will send engineer go to your countries for installation and training.

-Once you confirmed the order, we will send you proforma invoice for payment then start prepare the machine. We can delivery the machines to the port in your country and handle the exporting issue. After the machines arrive you, we will provide complete clearance documents to assist your clearance in custom..

The warranty is for one year, but we provide life-time technical support, any problem happened in your future using, take photos and videos to show us the problem, will reply in 24 hours and solve your problems as soon as possible.

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Egg Breaking Machine

Egg Peeling Machine

Egg Peeling Machine

Quail Egg Shelling Machine

Quail Egg Peeling Machine

Quail egg peeler

Quail Egg Peeler

Egg breaker machine

Egg Breaker

The ideal egg liquid yield is 88%. Our equipment has been used by customers for more than ten years, and the yield of egg juice is not less than 85%.

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