About us

About us

Taixing Aerospace Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a leading Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer of Egg Breaking machine ,liquid egg processing line ,Hard boiled Egg Peeling Machine, Egg boiling and peeling processing line ,quail egg peeler ,quail egg boiling and shelling plants ,Egg Breaker Machine,Egg breaking and separating machine ….Our focus on innovations and technology has helped us earn the Honorary High-tech Enterprise Title from the local government in 2004. We specialize in the manufacturing of a wide range of auto-egg breaker and separator machines, auto-egg boiling and peeling processing plants , and auto-quail egg boiling and shell peeling machines. With a variety of semi and fully automatic egg production systems, we are committed to delivering the best to our customers.

With a modern clean manufacturing workshop consisting of three buildings and an office building, we have an outstanding research and development team that works tirelessly to bring new ideas and designs to the industry. Our professional production team, strict QC department, and top-notch sales and after-sales services team stand behind our products, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Our Story

Egg breaking &separating

A small egg started our entrepreneurial story

our team

We are passionate about egg machine design

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Soft-boiled egg peeling machine

The egg peeling machine is a special shelling equipment for boiled eggs, suitable for hard-boiled eggs, post-processed marinated eggs, iron eggs, and salt-baked eggs.


Some feedback from our clients

One processing line replaces our 20 workers, which saves us costs. And increased production.

Ethan Lucas

The shelling machine surprised us too much. The shelling machines from other factories we bought before need to replace the rubber hose in an average of two or three weeks. However, AZRIL is replaced only once every six months on average. And there is significantly less scratching on the surface of the egg, thank you very much.

Ryan Lynch

I am really grateful to AZRIL, when the new crown epidemic was particularly severe, they sent installation and commissioning personnel to our factory to help us put the equipment into use smoothly

Francesca Oliver