Egg Boiling And Shelling Line

Hard-Boiled Egg production system automatically boils, cools and peels up to 20,000 eggs/hour, and handles both white and the more difficult brown eggs. Capacity :8000 eggs/h Capacity :10000eggs/h Capacity :20000eggs/h


Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Egg Feeding Part

The whole egg tray is manually placed on the conveyor belt of the egg loading machine. After the egg tray is transported in place, the eggs are sucked onto the conveyor belt by the suction cup, and the empty egg tray can be automatically stacked;


Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Whole Row Conveyor

The eggs are conveyed to the entire conveyor belt, and evenly spread on the net chain, which is convenient for conveying to the pre-cooking centering machine.




Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Egg Pre-cooking System

Centering and pre-cooking the eggs, the unique centering pre-cooking system uses warm water to heat up slowly, and the eggs keep rotating during the conveying process, to improve the quality of eggs;

Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Egg Hard Cooking System

The pre-cooked eggs are sent to the egg-boiler, and after the egg-cooking time and temperature are preset, the pre-cooked eggs are boiled twice by using a mixed heating method of steam and water;



Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Egg Cooling System

The boiled eggs are lifted into a cold water tank for cooling, and tap water or ice water is used for direct cooling to prepare for subsequent shelling;



Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Boiled Egg Peeling System

After the cooled eggs are lifted, they enter the shelling machine for crushing and shelling treatment. The eggs are sprayed with clean water, rotated and transported, and the residual shells on the surface are taken away under the washing of water;



Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Peeled Eggs Picking and Collection

The eggshells produced after shelling are collected and transported uniformly for centralized processing.


Egg Boiling And Shelling Line Advantage

  1. PLC touch screen controls the operating system, the operation is intuitive and convenient;
  2. Unique centering and pre-cooking system to improve the eccentricity of egg yolk;
  3. The steam-water mixing heating system consumes less energy and has high heating efficiency;
  4. Made of food-grade stainless steel, safe and hygienic;
  5. Continuous assembly line production, easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to maintain, the connection between the various processes should be automated, and the production efficiency is high.