Boiled Egg Peeling Machine

hard boiled cooked egg peeler peeling machine-boiled egg peeler/skin remover machine For Bulk Boiled Egg Shelling Process capacity :5000 eggs/h ,6000 eggs/h,8000eggs/h,10000eggs/h



Boiled Egg Peeling Machine Product Description

In the world of food production, efficiency and quality are paramount, and one essential tool that caters to these needs is the boiled egg peeling

machine. Designed for users in the egg processing industry, this specialized equipment simplifies the labor-intensive task of peeling hard-cooked chicken eggs.

Effortless Egg Peeling: This machine mimics the gentle rubbing technique used to peel eggs manually, ensuring a smooth and easy eggshell

removal process.

Impeccable Results: With its unique design, it offers the best peeling effect while preserving the egg’s surface, leaving you with smooth and beautiful peeled eggs.

Hygienic and Durable: Crafted entirely from 304 stainless steel, it adheres to strict hygiene standards and is easy to clean, ensuring food safety.

Automation for Efficiency: This egg peeling machine handles the entire process, from feeding to shelling, peeling, and discharge, saving on labor costs.

Reduced Egg Damage: Thanks to rubber rollers and strong water impact, it significantly reduces egg damage, ensuring the integrity of your product.

Scalable Capacity: Choose from options with the capacity to process 5k, 8k, or 10k eggs per hour, making it suitable for food factories and


Water Efficiency: A water circulating tank is included, helping save water and operational costs.


Boiled Egg Peeling Machine Features:

Efficiency and Minimal Breakage: This specialized machine excels in eggshell removal, offering high efficiency and minimal breakage.

Hygiene First: Constructed from 304 stainless steel, it complies with strict hygienic standards.

Eco-Friendly Operation: An incorporated water recycling system promotes energy savings.

Exceptional Peeling Performance: Achieving a peeling rate exceeding 98% and a minimal damage rate of just 0.2%.

Thoughtful Design: Compact and smooth in structure, it won’t scuff or harm the eggs, maintaining product quality.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for producing a variety of products, including boiled eggs, spiced corned eggs, iron eggs, and red painted egg



 Egg Peeler Machine Working Process:

Begin by cooling the boiled eggs in the water feeding tank.

The machine automatically conveys the cooled eggs to the shell cracking section.

The shelling part gently removes the eggshells without damaging the eggs.

The peeled eggs are collected under a water shower using an imported latex tubing.

A collecting conveyor separates the peeled eggs from any damaged ones.


Egg Peeler Machine Frequently Asked Questions

How to Obtain Detailed Information:

To get more detailed information about the egg peeler for hard-boiled eggs, simply send an inquiry, write an email, or call directly to receive an official quotation.

Determining Suitability: If you’re unsure if this bird egg peeler suits your needs, reach out with your specific requirements and production situation for personalized recommendations.

Ordering the Egg Peeler: Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive a proforma invoice for payment. The manufacturer will handle machine preparation, delivery to your country’s port, and exporting issues. After the machines arrive, they provide complete clearance documents to assist in customs clearance.

Overseas Engineer Service: Yes, the manufacturer offers this service. If you purchase a production line from them, they’ll send an engineer to your country for installation and training.

Customization: If you have specific requirements, including hard-boiled egg peelers and production line customization, the manufacturer can tailor the machines to your specifications.


After-Sale Support: The machine comes with a one-year warranty,complemented by lifetime technical support. In case of any issues during your future usage, they guarantee a swift response and problem resolution within 24 hours.


With a boiled egg peeling machine, egg processing becomes a breeze, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and a top-quality final product for food production establishments.


hard boiled cooked egg peeler peeling machine-boiled egg peeler/skin remover machine For Bulk Boiled Egg Shelling Process capacity :5000 eggs/h ,6000 eggs/h,8000eggs/h,10000eggs/h