Quail Egg Peeling Machine

Quail egg peeling machine is especially designed for peeling quail eggs in a large scale.The stainless steel material makes the quail egg peeling process much more stable and clean. Just feed the hard boiled quail eggs and then wait for the peeled eggs discharged from the outlet. No labor operation, totally automatic peeling.


Quail Egg Peeling Machine Data Sheet

Model Capacity Size Weight
HT–HQ1 50-100kg/h

(about 4000 pieces)

760mm×410mm×810mm 52kg
HT-HQ2 150-200kg/h

(about 10000pieces)

1200mm×650mm×800mm 87kg




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Imported chains are filled with food-grade grease to improve their bearing capacity and wear resistanceThe quail egg peeling machine is a machine for mechanized shelling of quail eggs. It adopts chain transmission, which is easy to operate and saves labor and effort.

Quail egg peeling machineQuail egg peeling machineQuail egg peeling machine

Using pure copper motor, low power consumption, high work efficiency

Quail egg peeling machineQuail egg peeling machineQuail egg peeling machine

The quail egg shelling machine uses the sponge  and the hose to rotate in opposite directions to generate friction to peel off the quail egg shell without damaging the egg surface

quail egg peeling machinequail egg peeling machinequail egg peeling machine

Quail egg shelling machine adopts water circulation system to save water and protect the environment

quail egg peeling machine


Spring damping system, improve skin breaking effect, reduce wear and reduce noise.Easy shelling low breakage rate


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Additional information

Product name

Quail egg peeling machine


304 stainless steel materials,


100kg -300kg per hour


The machine are suitable for spiced corned quail egg and boiled quail egg processing industries and other snack food connecting with quail eggs.