Things to Note About Pasteurized Egg Liquid

Pasteurized egg liquid is a liquid egg product that can ensure the freshness and nutrition of eggs to the greatest extent, saving users the trouble of cleaning and handling eggs, and can be directly used in the cooking of dishes, pastries and sauces. However, in addition to enjoying the convenience brought by pasteurized egg liquid, you also need to pay attention to some usage details to ensure its quality and safety.

Some Precautions for Pasteurizing Egg Liquid


Control the storage temperature: Both fresh egg liquid and iced egg liquid need to be stored at low temperature. Pasteurized fresh egg liquid can be stored in a refrigerated environment at 0-4°C for 21 days, and pasteurized iced egg liquid can be stored in a freezer at -18°C for 4 months. After receiving the pasteurized egg liquid, it should be immediately stored in a cold storage at the corresponding temperature and avoid contact with other foods or odorous substances to avoid

Check the quality before use: Pasteurized egg liquid is generally packaged in transparent bags. Before unpacking and using it, relevant personnel should check whether the food packaging is complete and observe the shape of the egg liquid. If there are bulging bags, leaking bags, discoloration, or sedimentation, or other abnormal conditions, cannot be used. The production date of well-packaged egg liquid should also be carefully checked to ensure that it is used within the shelf life.

Use it as soon as possible after opening: Unopened pasteurized egg liquid is in a sealed environment and will not breed bacteria. However, after opening, the egg liquid comes into contact with air and microorganisms, and the risk of deterioration will increase, so the egg liquid will Be sure to use it within 24 hours after opening to avoid bacterial growth. Also note that frozen egg liquid cannot be frozen again after thawing and should be used as soon as possible to maintain quality.

Diamo Lee once again reminds everyone that using pasteurized egg liquid is convenient and worry-free, but you must still abide by the operating specifications, control the storage temperature, pay attention to the shelf life, check the quality before opening, and use it as soon as possible after opening. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of egg liquid and bring more convenience and enjoyment to our diet.

Application Fields of Pasteurized Egg Liquid

In the food processing industry, pasteurized egg liquid has a very wide range of applications due to its stable quality and convenient use. What are the applicable fields of pasteurized egg liquid? Diamo Lee summarized several common application scenarios for everyone, let’s take a look.

Dishes cooking

Pasteurized egg liquid is widely used in the catering industry. Whole egg liquid can be directly used to make egg drop soup, steamed egg custard, egg fried rice and other dishes. The stable and consistent quality and convenient use method can help chefs better control variables to improve the consistency and stability of dishes.

Pastry baking

Pasteurized egg wash plays an important role in the baking industry. Baked products such as bread, biscuits, and tiger skin cakes need to add protein liquid to increase the adhesion and elasticity of the dough, making the baked products softer and chewier. For bakeries and cake factories, direct use of pasteurized protein liquid is the best choice. A new option that saves time and effort

Surimi products

Adding egg liquid to surimi products can increase the viscosity, taste, water retention and nutritional value. Due to its convenient use and other characteristics, pasteurized egg liquid has also become one of the important ingredients when making surimi.

 Cold drink products

Pasteurized egg yolk liquid is often used in ice cream and other cold drink products, acting as an emulsifier to prevent separation and freezing of ice cream or cold drinks, while improving the delicateness and richness of the taste.

Sauce making

The production of mayonnaise and salad dressing is also inseparable from the help of egg liquid. Using pasteurized yolk eggs can thicken the mayonnaise, making it richer and smoother. The rich protein and fat in the egg yolk liquid can also provide the mayonnaise with a rich taste, making it more delicious.

The application fields of pasteurized egg liquid are constantly expanding with changes in market demand. As a pasteurized egg liquid processing equipment supplier, we will continue to empower quality with technology and supply high-quality pasteurized egg liquid processing equipment to help the high-quality development of the food processing industry. If you have any needs for egg liquid processing equipment, please contact us for consultation and purchase.