Egg Cracker Machine

Our machine is used to break the egg and then separate the egg yolk from the egg liquid. Our machine is the most advanced rotary type egg breaking and separating machine. The egg white and egg yolk will be separated totally, and if there is bad eggs, the egg breaking and separating machine could also remove the bad eggs to avoid the bad eggs pollute the good egg liquid. Egg breaking&separating machine is widely used in egg processing factory, egg wholesale and deep egg process industry, bakery shop for cake and biscuit and other related food enterprises.etc. It is an ideal equipment for liquid egg, egg yolk, egg white products required enterprises.



Egg Breaker Machine Equipment Description

Egg breaker machine is equipped with eggs from water tank –  – – simple strong wind drying – – – – egg knocking – – separating egg liquid from eggshell.

The egg liquid  is an ideal equipment for baking enterprises. At the same time, egg breaker machine can cooperate with pasteurizer to produce qualified whole egg liquid,

The way of knocking eggs:After the eggs in the egg clip are knocked by metal, the lower part of the egg opens, and the egg liquid falls into the egg tray. The automatic knocker can satisfy the requirements of knocking white and red eggs. Egg juice yield is not less than 85%.The success rate of catching eggs with claws is not less than 99%.

After knocking eggs, the eggshell stays at least 5 seconds above the eggshell collection tray to ensure that the liquid enters the collection tray to the maximum extent. Egg breaker and egg liquid collecting device are exposed in space for easy cleaning.

 Egg Breaking Machine Application

Egg liquid product application scope is very broad, can be applied to all kinds of cake, bread, egg custard, salad dressing, ice cream, health drinks, infant nutrition food,convenient and quick, direct supply fast food shop, bakery store and restaurants. Egg liquid is easy to transport and storage, mechanical egg breaking can improve the yield, reduce the labor costs, solved the eggshell garbage problem.

egg breaker machineIndustrial egg separator machineIndustrial egg separator machine

Egg Breaking Machine advantages

1.Use our egg breaking machine , customer can get whole liquid eggs, also separated egg yolk & protein. This type machine can offer a best solution about fresh egg and bad egg (egg yolk mix white).

2.This type of egg breaking machine can handle all size of eggs.

3.It has automatic emergency function. Machine will stop immediately for protecting operation worker.

4.Easy operation and washing. Two method to wash the egg breaking machine. One is high pressure water jet. second is take out the breaking head and separating cup. Take out them only need around 2 minutes.

5.Schneider inverter controller, Swiss plastic board, Japanese transmission chain, imported nylon parts.

6.It is made of food grade stainless steel 304 material, durable and hygiene.

7.It is high efficient, saves labor, time and cost.

8.Perfect breaking and separating effect, the egg liquid is completely separated from the shell.

egg breaking machineegg breaking machineegg machine

Customer can use the one machine for two fuction, by changing egg cup to get whole liquid or separated egg yok and egg white.Pay one machine money, enjoy two machine value, what a worth.

Egg Cracker Machine Package

The egg cracker  machine will be coated with film firstly, and then packed with free-fumigation wooden case. We could pack machines according to customer requirements.


Egg Cracker Machine Warranty

We provide One year guarantee . Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer


Egg Breaking  Machine RFQ


Q1. How Can We Clean The Egg Breaking Machine.

Answers: Method 1. use the high pressure water gun to clean it directly.

Method 2. all of breaker knife and collecting plate can be discharge easily for cleaning.

Q2. Can We Use The Machine Directly After Received?

Answers: Yes. Customer just need to connect the electric and air compressor after position confirmation. The egg breaker machine, we will debug it before delivery and take the test video. If you need the guidance manual and video, pls contact our sales engineer.

Q3. How Can We Get This Egg Breaking  Machine

Answers: Now place order to us. Production time is 10 days, you will see your equipment test video and package info, after ocean transportation, you could get the 100% satisfied egg breaker equipment.

Que4: Can You Provide Engineer Overseas Service?
YES we can offer this service, if you purchase production line from us, we will send enginner go to your countries for installation and tranning.


Que 5: How About The After-Sale Service Of The Egg Breaking  Machine?

The warranty is for one year, but we provide life-time technical support, any problem happened in your future using, take photos and videos to show us the problem, will reply in 24 hours and solve your problems as soon as possible.