Several Basic Criteria For Choosing An Egg Peeling Machine

I used to eat so many eggs until seeing an Egg peeling Machine was the only answer


Egg Peeling Machine

In the modern food processing industry, industrial egg peeling machine is gradually showing their importance. Such an efficient and convenient tool not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures the integrity and beauty of the eggs. First, let’s look at some basic criteria for choosing an egg peeling machine.

1. Stable mechanical properties. A high-quality egg peeling machine should have stable operating performance to ensure that it can work for a long time without major failures.

2. High efficiency. The efficient automatic egg peeling machine can process a large number of eggs in a short time, greatly improving production efficiency.

3. Maintain the integrity of eggs. An excellent egg peeling machine can minimize damage to eggs and maintain the integrity of eggs during the peeling process.

4. Easy to clean and maintain. When choosing an egg peeling machine, you also need to consider whether it is easy to clean and maintain daily to ensure the long life and hygienic safety of the machine.

In large-scale food production lines, manual shelling is not only inefficient, but may also affect the hygienic quality of the product. The application of automatic egg peeling machine not only greatly improves efficiency, but also ensures food hygiene and safety standards.

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Many customers like to ask, how do you peel the spiced eggs, Scud braised eggs, and various smooth packaged eggs that cost 1 yuan each? Could it be that grandma and grandpa were peeled off one by one? The answer lies in today’s delightful egg-peeling assembly line!

Peeling Eggshells By Hand

The first is our hardest-working productive labor force—human beings! It is our grandmothers and grandfathers who are called the producers of all things, who peel the eggs manually with super fast hands.

Soak the hard-boiled eggs in cold water, then hold the eggs next to the basin, rub the shells finely, and peel them off. I can peel about 100 shells in one minute…

After all, it is handmade, so you have to look at the neat assembly line again!

Prepare Eggs

Fresh raw eggs that have been cleaned and inspected will calmly and bravely embark on a new journey of egg processing.


Egg Pre-cooking :Sauna

Of course, the eggs need to be cooked before peeling them. Here is the method of double boiling with water vapor: first steam the eggs with water vapor, which is a sauna.

Egg Boiling :Hot springs

After being saunaed, the eggs are then put into hot water and continue to soak in the hot springs.

Ready For Use

After being mixed and heated with steam and water, the skin of the thoroughly cooked eggs will be slightly broken. Although it does not look very good, it is sure to be cooked and easy to peel later.

Egg Cooling :Cold Water Immersion

The hard-boiled eggs then need to be immersed in a cold water tank for cooling, using a high-power refrigeration unit to ensure the low temperature of the water. Once a hard-boiled egg enters cold water, the eggshell membrane and albumen will shrink to different degrees due to the cold, forming a relatively large gap, which makes it easier to peel.


Preparation For Peeling Eggs

After completing the preparations, we are about to enter the formal machine egg peeling process. The cooled eggs are fed into the peeling machine row by row.


Crack Eggshells

The rotating roller brush gradually lines up the eggs, and they are lined up one by one to peel them one by one. The sheller breaks the eggshells into pieces by vibrating continuously. The egg that is still jumping around has no idea that it will be peeled by friction.

In this picture, you can see that there are many rows of rubber tubes under the egg. The friction force generated by the relative rotation of the rubber tubes is used to tear off the eggshell, and at the same time, water is poured to wash away the peeled eggshell.

The eggs are sprayed with clean water and then rotated and transported. These white fragments washed down by the water flow from time to time are our current wet garbage: eggshells.


Egg Peeling Machine

Centralized Processing

The peeled hard-boiled eggs are placed together